Rose – The Romantic One

When you write a novel you have to know your characters inside and out. The more developed the characters, the more believable and empathetic they are. The aim of any good writer is to draw the reader in by making their characters relatable.

For this novel there are a number of characters and each one has their own back story, personality, likes, dislikes, and attitudes. Rose is one of these characters.


Name: Rose Fischer
Age: 40 years old
Status: Married
Occupation: HomeMaker
Children: Four. 3 Girls 19, 17, 15  and 1 Boy 13.
Body Type: Plump


Rose is a traditionalist. She is the quintessential homemaker who got married young and had kids right away. Her life revolves around her children and her husband. She goes to church every Sunday, has the perfect cleaned house, and a schedule the busiest professional would be hard pressed to keep up with.

She has no idea of her own self as she lives for those in her care. She controls everything in her life and believes that she is living life the right way and others need to smarten up. She loves her friends, however she is not always in agreement with their choices.


She met her husband in high school and married him soon after graduation. Her and Gus have been married for 21 blissful years in Rose’s opinion. She can’t see her life with anyone except Gus. He is her rock and he works very hard to provide for his family. They work as a close knit team giving their children the perfect suburban life.


Rose is close to both her parents and her in laws. Every week she has a number of family demands, the children have activities and Rose hosts both families for a weekly family dinner.

She has two older sisters, one is an executive in New York and the other is a lawyer. Her sisters recently moved their elderly parents to the city into an assisted living facility. Rose thinks she did it to make things harder for her because she knows Rose can’t get to the city very often.

Two of Gus’ brothers are married and one is still single. His oldest brother brings his family to the weekly dinners, his other older brother lives in Chicago and his younger brother travels the world for work.

Likes and Dislikes

Rose likes doing things for her children, cooking, baking, sewing, fixing, driving, tutoring, and whatever else they need. She reads romance novels every night before bed and has seen every romantic movie ever made.

Rose doesn’t like it when her plans are disrupted.


Gus is her life. He has been a good husband and together they have created a life they are both proud of. He is romantic, hard working, God fearing, and family focused.

The start of Rose’s story

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Purpose of this Blog

This blog is a look at the characters in a new novel about being a 40+ year old woman in today’s world. The novel, like all literature, draws from real life but embellishes it, changes it, and merges it together with fantasy. You won’t find a 100% true story on the blog or in the novel. I welcomes any parenting or dating stories you would like to share for the book, but please understand the story will only be a jump off point as I’m not about to publish anything exactly as it happened. Email her today at Shannonpeel01[ at ]gmail [.com]

And yes…. Dating stories about women behaving badly are welcome too, as my characters are flawed and handicapped when it comes to dating.


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Shannon Peel is the author of THIRTEEN a book about a boy and his mom caught behind enemy lines when soldiers attack their North American hometown. The story asks the question, what if it happened here?

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