Officer & a Gentleman Movie

To write really good characters you have to know how they would react to things. So if my characters got together for a movie night at Rose’s place to watch an Officer and a Gentleman, would they all agree? Let’s find out.

The Question

What are your thoughts about the last scene of an Officer and a Gentleman?

Sophie’s Thoughts

The ending? Oh well. It was romantic I guess. I mean. There she is working in a dead end job, unhappy, and knowing that’s all she has to look forward to. Depressing. I guess she’s young and there will be other men, other classes of officers. But she is hurt because he didn’t want her, he was gonna leave her behind. Then he walked in and saved her, took her away, and everyone cheered. Heck, I cheered even though I knew it was gonna happen.

Why is it wrong to want that? I mean. I want so bad for a man to come save me from my life, sweep me off my feet and carry me away to a safer one. Make life easier. Happier. But everyone tells me it’s wrong to want that. I won’t find a good guy if I need one to save me and I’m beginning to believe them. No man wants a woman as messed up as me and I can’t blame them.

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Rose’s Thoughts

I just love the classic love stories they are so romantic. Here she was working away thinking that he’d abandoned her and then he comes all dressed up in his white uniform looking so handsome. To surprise her like that, pick her up in front of all her co workers and carry her away into the sunset to live happily ever after. What a story. I cried.

You know Gus is romantic like that. Once, before the kids, he came to my workplace with a big bouquet of flowers. He’d already arranged everything with my boss, a week off, can you imagine. Gus had planned everything, packed my suitcase and took me to Hawaii for our first wedding anniversary. It was so romantic. Just like him. I love him so much.

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Lindsay’s Thoughts

The ending? Well a man in uniform is so sexy. When he walked in all confident in his uniform looking hot, I thought yummy. Then when he grabbed her head and just took a kiss from her like that, wowza. The rest was too tame though. Way too censored in my opinion, but what can you expect from the 80s. Come on, the scene needed more heat.

I love a man who takes what he wants, just comes and grabs a woman all cave man like and she melts into him with passion, heat, then they fu** hard. That’s what that scene needed. Now that would have been something to clap for.

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Charlie’s Thoughts

The whole movie was Bull shi**. Men don’t give two craps about saving some poor little woman from her life and what a pathetic thing to want. Clapping because he’d showed up and stole her away for what? Come on men don’t do that sh**.  They just want someone to cook for ’em and fu** em. They don’t want to be bothered with all that touchy feely stuff.

OK so some of them are into the whole romance thing, like my brother in law Gus. But Gus and guys like him are so, I don’t know. Gus is a good guy, a nice guy, a family guy. Those guys are all married to woman like my sister Rose.

Strong, independent, career women like me, we got selfish guys who are focused on their careers as much as we are focused on ours. Who has time for all that romantic stuff. I just don’t trust it. The only reason they are doing it is to get laid, so why bother it’s not real.imgres

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What are your thoughts about the ending to the movie an Officer and a Gentleman?

Share them in the comments below.


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