Single in the Darkness

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Single Life

Single life may seem lonely and dark, but if you only focus on that elusive man you’ll miss out on all the great things hiding around you. I’m not talking just about men. Things as wonderful as a new hobby, writing a book, going to all the little towns and tourist attractions in your region. Time with your children.

I am guilty of being too focused on finding Mr. Right. All I found were Mr. Unavailable, Mr. Broken, Mr. Hook up, Mr. Married, Mr. Player, & Master Immature.

I haven’t quit looking. I still have profiles on the various dating sites and check them however, I don’t message and text for days on end because I learned the hard way that it goes no where.

I look back on the last 2 years of train wreck dating and see a lot of research for my next book, a few friends, and a lot of heartache because I wanted what was in the light so bad that I missed what was hiding in the shadows.

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In her new Chicklit novel, Shannon Peel is exploring what it means to be a 40 something woman in the 21st Century. Each of the 5 women are personalities that we as woman are made up of in various degrees. We are too complex to be just one. 

For more about this novel and her YA Novel, THIRTEEN, go to 





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