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40 Something Series

To stay with using numbers to name my books, THIRTEEN is my YA novel, I’ve called this Chicklit series 40 Something. I am publishing it as a series of approx 10 000 word novella ebooks. Once I have 8 novellas I will publish them in one paperback novel.

The first Novella is called Sunday Dinner and will be published on March 4th, 2016.

40 Something (3)_Fotor

It’s Sunday and that means family dinner at Rose’s house.

Charlie drags her friend Lindsay along to her sisters for family dinner and Rose’s idea of a girls’ night. Charlie knows that her sister and mother will hate everything about Lindsay because she’s pretty, single, and fun.

Justine has the perfect husband, the perfect life, and the perfect career. When Lindsay disappears with Justine’s husband, her sister-in-law, Rose, gives her opinion on the new addition to their dinner. Justine doesn’t really care that they disappeared, even when Charlie seems concerned enough to drag her along to look for them.

Sophie is trying to survive a recent separation. Rose thinks she needs Charlie’s help so arranges a girls night to introduce the women. Sophie isn’t sure what to do about her separation and for tonight she is going to enjoy time without her kids for the first time since they were born.


Here is the cover. Your thoughts are welcome.

Meet the Characters.

Buy the novella – Sunday Dinner From Amazon.

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 12.25 PM Shannon Peel is the author of THIRTEEN, a YA Novel about a boy, his single mother, a cop, and an invading army. This blog is about her Chicklit novella series, 40 Something. 

She is a 40+ year old woman who separated from her husband after 20 years of marriage. In the process she learned that dating has changed, being a single parent is difficult, and navigating the court system isn’t easy. Along with her 40 something friends she discovered that it isn’t just men who have mid life crisis. 


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