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It’s Friday March 4th, 2016 and I’ve just launched my new chicklit novella series, 40 Something.

To get the ball rolling I’m giving the first novella away for free as a kindle download for two days:

  • Friday March 4th, 2016
  • Saturday March 5th 2016

Click to download Sunday Dinner the first instalment of this Chicklit novella series

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What is it about?

Good Question. It’s a series about being a 40 something woman in the 21st Century. Follow 5 women as they navigate their lives as mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and friends.

It’s Sunday and that means family dinner at Rose’s house.

Rose is a busy mother who believes family time is the most important thing in the world. All she wants is for everything to be like it should be, like its supposed to be, and heaven help you if things go wrong.

To spice things up, Charlie drags her party girl friend Lindsay along to her sister’s for family dinner because she knows that her sister and mother will hate everything about her.

Justine has the perfect husband, the perfect life, and the perfect career. When Lindsay disappears with Justine’s husband, Rose is furious but Justine doesn’t really care, even when Charlie seems concerned enough to drag her along to look for them.

Rose insists Charlie help her new friend Sophie who is trying to survive a recent separation and arranges for them to meet at a girls pub night after dinner. Sophie is enjoying her first night out in over a decade, that is until her ex walks in.

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Who is the Chicklit Novella about?

The novella series focuses on five 40 something woman as they come together to share their challenges, successes and tears. Along the way they will meet other women who are trying their best to navigate life in a fast paced technological and image focused culture.

Rose – Married 22 years with 4 kids who believes things should be a certain way in this world. Heaven forbid you step out of line and act in an immoral and unbiblical way.

Charlie – Rose’s sister, divorced and shares custody of her son with her cheating ex. After a failed marriage, 5 years of dating, and a career as a divorce lawyer she hates men.

Lindsay – Divorced twice over and the last one was quite profitable. She is all about fun and finding the next party, she is beautiful, rich, and struggling to keep a youthful image.

Sophie – Separated, alone and broke. She is trying to survive with her two homeschooled children. It isn’t easy to make ends meet and she doesn’t have work experience.

Justine – Married to the perfect man, with the perfect kids, she has a career she is focused on and the perfect life. She should be happy, so why isn’t she?

Chicklit novel women divorce

A bunch of questions.

The series explores various questions, situations, and relationships.

Was there ever a time when being 40 something was simple? Or is it just the complications of a post feminist world where gender roles are not yet defined for a generation and divorce is an easy option? In this technologically advanced world where life goes at lightening speed and women have been told they can have it all, but someone forget to figure out how, can a woman find herself?


Reviewers and Bloggers

If you are a reviewer and / or blogger, book promoter, etc and you think the 40 Something series is a book you’d like to read, email me. shannonpeel01[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com


Buy the novella – Sunday Dinner From Amazon.

Purpose of this Blog

This blog is a look at the characters in a new novel about being a 40+ year old woman in today’s world. The novel, like all literature, draws from real life but embellishes it, changes it, and merges it together with fantasy. You won’t find a 100% true story on the blog or in the novel. I welcomes any parenting or dating stories you would like to share for the book, but please understand the story will only be a jump off point as I’m not about to publish anything exactly as it happened. Email her today at Shannonpeel01[ at ]gmail [.com]

And yes…. Dating stories about women behaving badly are welcome too, as my characters are flawed and handicapped when it comes to dating.

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 12.25 PMShannon Peel is the author of THIRTEEN a book about a boy and his mom caught behind enemy lines when soldiers attack their North American hometown. The story asks the question, what if it happened here?

For more information check out her website.


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