Favourite Female Authors

It’s International Woman’s Day so I thought I’d put together a list of Woman Authors. The problem is there are so many I didn’t know who to put on and who to leave out. So I went to social media to ask a Facebook Group of women who loved to read who their favourite female authors are. Even then the list grew so fast it would be a PHD thesis for me to tackle them all – Let’s give it a go, shall we?

Bronte Sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne.

e437f889b7209a6b4cfa1e4ceee6200014c9fca3I chose the sisters because my favourite novel is Jane Eyre. I identified with the character’s independence, strength, and her disconnection to the world around her. I have reread this book so often I almost know it by heart. Why include all the sisters? They all wrote books, which influenced the genre and proved that women could write successful novels in a male dominated world.

Facebook comments:
“Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre was a classic I loved reading in my academic years”

Maya Angelou

imagesHer ability to be open and bare her soul in her writing without concern of being judged, criticized or ridiculed makes her a strong, amazing, and influential woman in literature. She changed a genre and made it better with her work. She is credited with inspiring so many Female authors of all races. Her strength, honesty, and determination are inspiring. She inspires me to be more honest, more open, and to bare my soul in my writing.

Facebook comments:
“Maya Angelou…because she overcame horrific abuse and racism, she lead a really interesting life, her writing and books are fabulous and she was an awesome woman…”

J.K. Rowlings

imgresI have to admit I haven’t read all the books, nor have a seen all the movies. I am adding her because she changed the way publishing houses looked at both the Young Adult writers and Female authors ability to make money. Her success inspires others to follow their dreams. Like her, life hit me hard, her ability to pick herself back up and focus on her dream inspires me to overcome my own challenges in life.

Facebook comment:
J K Rowling… Just because Harry Potter was my whole entire childhood and at 25 now it still gets me every time I re read it


My Facebook Request.

When I asked the women to share their favourite female authors, those they wish they could call up and talk to about their stories, I was provided with a list of names, some I’d never heard of, others old favourites.

Adeline Yen Mah – A Chinese / American author who made it to the best sellers list with her autobiography, which is a modern Cinderella tale of sorts. She has written books for children, young adults and adults about her life and China’s history.

Enid Blyton – A British Children’s book author

Virginia Woolf – A British Literary Novelist whose writing influenced modern 20th Century style.

Marge Piercy – An American novelist and activist

Maeve Binchey – An Irish author whose contemporary Chick lit novels defined a genre.

Doris Lessing – A rebellious and independent British Expat who won the Nobel Prize for Literature

Jane Austen – Defined an age, a genre and shined a light on women’s lives during her time.

Jilly Cooper – A contemporary romance novelist.

Erica James – A British Chicklit Novelist

Carole Mathews – A Romantic Comedy Novelist

PD James – A mystery writer who also worked in Forensics, so she probably knows her stuff.

Erica Jong – A feminist author whose works were before their time and highly controversial due to their exploration of female sexuality.

Judy Blume – An author whose books spoke to a generation of pre pubescent and young teenage girls, including myself.

Taylor Caldwell – A Scottish American author who wrote epic novels about American’s entrepreneurial spirit of rags to riches.

Margaret Atwood – A Canadian Gem and the writer of popular novels like the Handmaid’s tale.

Your Favourite Woman Authors

Which female authors are missing from this post? Which ones spoke to you? Stuck with you? Changed something in you? Share in the comments section.

Take sometime to check out this list of women authors and find your next read.


Thank you to Karen Shibley-Fry for the use of the flower photo.

Ebooks                                             Paperback

copy-of-40something-2 copy-of-40something-7 copy-of-40something-5                           copy-of-40something-6

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 12.25 PMShannon Peel is a Canadian author. Her debut novel, THIRTEEN, is a book about a boy and his mom caught behind enemy lines when soldiers attack their North American hometown. The story asks the question, what if it happened here?

Her novella series 40 Something explores what it means to be a middle aged woman in the 21st Century.

For more information check out her website. www.shannonpeel.com


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