80s Weekly Trivia

If you are now in your 40s, you were a teenager in the 80s. Let’s see how much of your teenage years you remember.

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This Week’s Trivia Questions:

What’s the name of this Game? 

A. Donkey Kong
B. Burger Time
C. Pac Man
D. Pong

Burger Time


What did John Bender Get for Christmas?

A. A teddy bear
B. Nothing
C. Cigarettes
D. A Kick in the Ass


Breakfast Club

Answers are below.

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Answers to Trivia:

B. Burger Time 

The 80s were filled with inventions, some of which changed the way we live and others have come and gone. Video game arcades in the malls were always packed with teenagers and you could find a friend or perhaps a new boyfriend/girlfriend there. Share you favourite arcade experience in the comments section.

C. Cigarettes 

Bad Boy John Bender. Such the rebel and the type of boy mothers warned their daughters about. In Breakfast Club he tells the kids what life in the Bender house was like and it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. The boy with the permanent seat in detention who made a girl want to get sent to the principals office. What was your favourite 80s movie?


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