Free Ebooks For Easter

The Easter Bunny has arrived and made all my ebooks on Smashwords Free. Can you believe it? THIRTEEN, YA. 40 Something, Chicklit. Captive, fantasy. And even a short short story about how much I love coffee are all F R E E.


Click the Link to Go to Smashwords to download any type of digital file you want.


YA novel about a boy, his single mom, a cop, and an invading army. When foreign soldiers attack Jack’s home town, hack all the utilities and shut off all the power, communications, and restricting transportation, Jack has to figure out what is going on, how to keep his mom safe, and find his dad. That’s a lot for a 13 year old boy. Add to it he’s still trying to come to terms with him parents divorce, pulling hard on his mom’s apron strings, and dealing with the idea of his mom dating.

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Fantasy novel written in a masculine tone about a generation who are pawns in their father’s ambition plans for power and wealth. Can they find independence and freedom in their choices when secrets are wrapping around them to move them on a board.

Raif is a monster who cares only about profits, until Drela ends up in his product line.
Drela has lost her way of life and her husband. Can she protect herself and her children from Raif?
Logan is a self proclaimed bachelor who has just taken a contract to protect his old friend, Aleesa, on her journey to marry her new husband. When faced with his past he begins to question his present life.
Aleesa is a noble women being forced to marry a man older than her for her father’s ambitions and her new husbands business interests at court. When love isn’t an option, will she find it in an old friend?

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40 Something

The story of 5 women in their 40s trying to negotiate life in the 21st Century.

Click to find out more about these women and their stories.

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