Pain, Fatigue, and Acupuncture

I live on Canada’s West Coast, where Chinese culture permeates through our culture, merging with it.

I also live with muscle pain, weakness, and fatigue.

A classmate told me about acupuncture and how a China trained master helped her with her health issues, so, I thought I’d give it a try.

Diagnosis & Treatment

The oddest part of the experience was the diagnosis. My wind heat was stuck and I have too much damp cold. I need to wear socks, shoes, and a longer sleeve shirt. I am not supposed to eat salad, frozen food, ice, or drink cold drinks. I was given a ginger tea to boil with herbs and drink three times a day.

How can the cause of all my muscle pain have something to do with cold, damp, and wind heat? What is wind heat? And why does it have to move? It doesn’t sound like a diagnosis to me.

To the touch my body always feels cold, however, I always feel too warm. Add to that I don’t like being warm, it makes me tired, nauseous, and sick. I hate the feeling of socks on my feet and I always feel hot when others are cold.

The only time I feel cold is when I sit still on the couch in the evening. I don’t produce much heat and sometimes need an external heat source to get warm enough to sleep.


This part of the experience was surreal.

I was asked to lie on the table / bed with my knees supported by a pillow, which elevated my knees and my hands on my stomach. I was then stuck with needles, which I barely felt: Three on each arm and some on the tops of my feet.

She covered me with a blanket, turned off the light and left me there for an hour. I was so tired I almost fell asleep and I might have, if it wasn’t for the ropes of pain running through my legs.

It was weird, I closed my eyes, and concentrated on the painful sensation of a white rope of energy moving back and forth through my legs, like a skipping rope moving in a wave pattern, then, it would pull taunt and disappear. At one point I felt the rope above my leg, outside of my body.

To see if this sensation was due to the needles or due to the position she had me in, I went home and lied down in the exact same position before focusing on my legs and the pain. All I felt was the normal muscle weakness and ache. No rope moving through at an increased level of pain.


I am drinking the tea. I haven’t put on socks yet or warmer clothes. I’m still tired, but not as tired as I was yesterday, though my muscles still hurt with a feeling of both weakness and pain.

I go back tomorrow to shovel more money, which I can’t really afford, at this lady who doesn’t speak very much English, to see if my heat wind has moved any and to get pricked with needles again. I’m trying to keep an open mind, it’s not easy for me. I would prefer she told me what her diagnosis means in western medical terms.



After three sessions the pain in my muscles was gone and I had more energy. This lasted for three months and even then the pain that came back was less and intermittent. Not sure why it works or how, but it does.


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