40 Something
A Novel about the

Five 40 something women navigate the 21st Century, juggling family, children, careers, and the men in their lives. The X-Generation began their lives at the beginning of the Information Revolution causing unique challenges never before seen. Based on True Stories.

Charlie finds the weekly family dinner at her sisters to be a drag, so she invites her wild friend Lindsay with her. Rose is all about tradition, family, and helping out friends. Her friend Sophie is in need of some legal help and who better than her lawyer sister to get it from.

Justine and Rose get more than they bargained for when they help Sophie. Will their husbands save them or is there something missing from their marriages?

Dating in the 21st Century is a whole new ballgame for Sophie who has just come out of a long abusive marriage. Charlie and Lindsay are determined to help her find a good man, that means an online dating profile must be set up.

Rose is in for a shock when she goes to coffee with a group of girlfriends and enlists Justine for support. Justine has work to do and doesn’t have time for coffee or chit chat, will she ever get finished with all the demands being made of her?

Based on True Stories


The first paperback of the series comes out January 2017 and includes all four ebooks plus added material.


The Women:

Rose is a married stay at home mom with four teenagers trying to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Charlie is a divorced lawyer sharing custody of her son while trying to make her way up the corporate ladder and meet the demands of family.

Lindsay is a twice divorced party girl who loves men and sex almost as much as her ex husbands money.

Sophie is a recently separated abused woman with two children who is trying to find herself.

Justine is a married mother of two who works from home and has the perfect life, so why does it feel like something is missing.

Join these women as they discover who they are, what life is really about, and why a glass of wine makes a hard day so much easier.


The ebooks consist of individual stories or episodes and can be purchased on Amazon