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Why Hire a Professional Painter?

Whether you are inviting guests over for a dinner party, sitting down to watch TV or you are selling your home, you want the interior to look it’s best. A fresh coat of paint in the right colour can make the best impression on visitors and improve your mood.

Stress free

If you’ve lived through renovations, you know how stressful they can be. When you hire an experienced, professional Painter, the project will be completed in a fraction of the time, with minimal interruption to your home and your life.


Ever looked at a wall with a terrible paint job? One where you can see every brush stroke, uneven paint marks from the roller, contact marks on a ceiling or edges that look wrong? Maybe the paint is chipping because it’s a low quality product, the wrong paint type, not enough coats, or the prep wasn’t done properly and you see every flaw. You know a professional paint job when you see one and so do the people visiting your home.

The Right Tools

Choosing professional interior painters will not only save you time, it will provide your home with a clean, professional, quality appearance that visitors will notice. Not all paint is the same, neither are the tools. Experienced painters know what products to use and which colours will make the best impression.

E*** T**** Painting’s colour service helps clients pick the right colour for trends, taste, and personal décor.


The Right Tools make all the difference when painting difficult to reach places, such as stairwells, open to above walls, and ceilings. Those higher, hard to reach places, can be dangerous to paint if you don’t have the right equipment to reach them safely. Whether it’s a better ladder, a scissor lift, scaffolding, or a longer handle, professionals know what equipment to use to finish the job right and safely.


Prepping the room for paint is the most important part of the project to ensure the surface of the wall is as perfect as possible, before applying a coat of paint. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a flaw in the wall, after it’s been painted. A professional painter is skilled in repairing marks, holes, sanding, calking, and priming. Attention to these details ensures a quality finish.


Professional painters clean up after a project is done, so you don’t have to. They remove all the leftover paint, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, prepping equipment, garbage, and rags. You don’t have to do anything when you hire a professional. They prep, paint, and clean up in a fraction of the time it takes an amateur, making your life easier and stress free.


Your time is valuable. A professional can paint your house faster, with minimal frustration, and leave your home with a high quality appearance. Once you factor in the amount of time, the cost of supplies, the frustration of living with a renovation, cleaning up, and the danger of reaching inaccessible places, you will realize hiring a professional saves you money in the long run.


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