The Character Development

The first part of writing a novel is figuring out what it’s about. The next step is to figure out who is going to tell the story.

Defining the characters is important to any story. You can’t throw your characters into situations if you don’t know how they’ll behave. The best stories are the ones with authentic characters with flaws. These are the kinds of characters I want to develop for this story.


Who is the story about?

The Jaded one  – The one who is bitter about men

The Romantic one  – The one who is happily married

The Fun one – The one who parties and has lots of men

The Tragic one – The one who is hurting and lost


These are the characters I am starting with. I will draw from my life experience and the stories I read, am told, and share with others to define the characters and their journey through life.

What do you think?  Am I missing someone? Is there a type of relationship or woman that you think I need to explore and add to the group?


Purpose of this Blog

This blog is a look at the characters in a new novel about being single as a 40+ year old in today’s online dating environment. The novel, like all literature, draws from real life but embellishes it, changes it, and merges it together with fantasy. You won’t find a 100% true story on the blog or in the novel. I welcomes any dating stories you would like to share for the book, but please understand the story will only be a jump off point as I’m not about to publish anything exactly as it happened. Email her today at Shannonpeel01[ at ]gmail [.com]

And yes…. Dating stories about women behaving badly are welcome too, as my characters are flawed and handicapped when it comes to dating.


Photo on 2014-04-17 at 12.25 PMShannon Peel is the author of THIRTEEN, a marketing professional, a single mom, and a divorced woman trying to find love in Vancouver, BC Canada. Her daily life is filled with struggle, humour, love, and stories. She encourages you to follow her and come along this journey with her. 



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